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Module 1
Early Detection Testing

These tests are optional, except for testing your home for mold (see the ERMI test since the company will read you your findings for this test at no additional cost) in the pdf below, and possibly H. Pylori, but you can muscle test for H. Pylori if you choose. I prefer using funds for the necessary supplements.

Learn about KPU in the pdf below so you can be aware of symptoms in your child if they arise.

This is an introduction to some tests you can do, if you choose, to help learn ahead of time if your child is in need of anything additional. We use safe, natural, organic herbal formulas for the co-infections which will only strengthen your child’s immune system. Most tests for the coinfections are unreliable, so you can move forward without them. The comorbid symptoms are co-infections that can prevent optimum recovery. (You can learn more about the comorbid infections in module 7.)

The foundational aspects will still need to be done to assist detoxification and strengthen their system, so you can still begin with the program in its sequential order.

Please see the “Resources” page for OPTIONAL intestinal permeability tests. Your child does have gut issues. All children with autism do, so I say “optional” so you don’t think you have to do them. Some parents like to test before or after, so I offer these resources for you if you choose.

Testing for H. Pylori

and Mastica to eradicate (see pdf’s at bottom of page)

Common with acid reflux and upper GI stomach pain. Choose to muscle test or see lab testing in pdf below. Usually only needed for about a month. Muscle test to know along the way.

Any actions are taken at your sole discretion. This is for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness.

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