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Sensory Processing and Stress Reduction Page


Please see the helpful pdf’s at the bottom of this page.

Additional helpful podcasts on mindset and stress reduction can be found at,, and

The elixir called “Stress Reducer” is excellent for calming anxiousness.

The elixir called “Restful Sleep” is excellent for assistance with sleep. For elixirs use code ROSE15 for 15% off.

Emotional Clearing Technique


Mindset Optimization, Emotional Energy Clearing, and more with Kelli Russell

In this video Kelli Russell leads us through a process to help us optimize our mindset to support us on our journey. Kelli Russell, M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy/Psychological Kinesiologist, helps people release stress and anxiety and optimize their mindset to move forward with clarity, purpose, and confidence.

If you’d like continued support in this way, Kelli and her husband Kevin offer a FREE 30-minute consultation. They offer many helpful therapies and they are also providing us with 25% off of your first paid session with Coupon Code NRA25. Book a session with Kelli or Kevin here. This work is done virtually online.

Kelli Russell helps parents of autistic children release stress, overwhelm, and burnout & establish positive subconscious beliefs that allow you to nurture yourself and your loved ones with renewed energy and fulfillment + offers Emotional Energy Clearings (suitable for any age/any family member) to release all types of imbalances/symptoms. 

Kevin Russell offers a comprehensive 40-Point Energy Tune-Up which restores balance and harmony to your autistic child’s energetic, immune, adrenal, and nervous systems while releasing post-traumatic and transgenerational blockages and inherited issues (including emotion code work as seen in the video below on this page) promoting allergy resilience, emotional stability, and optimal overall health for your child (or you/any family member!). 

CF-S Herbal Formula for Help with Calming and Focus

HHG Herbal Formula (for balancing the emotions of hurt and grief)


Spiritual support for worry, stress, heartache and grief.

Assists balancing neurotransmitters. Can be used by the whole family.

Order on the Bionexus site just as you would for any of our herbal formulas (the same ones we use for the coinfections). Do NOT take this product if on anti-depressant drug medication.

Emotion Code Tutorial-releasing trapped subconscious emotions

Release old emotional patterns from yourself and your child to clear the path to recovery.

Resources for the emotion code:

Emotion code practitioners

Cara Di Cicco-Sandre is a practitioner I personally know who does natural allergy elimination (module 4) and practices emotion code work virtually. To learn more about her and for her contact you can watch my interview with her on the allergy elimination page in module 4.

For more information on everything available from Dr. Bradley Nelson, and to learn more about how you can find a practitioner or learn how to do The Emotion Code yourself, please go to,

The Emotion Code book (print)

See the “Muscle Testing Tips” video on the muscle testing page here in module 1, for a bit more on the emotion code.

Listen to Karen’s live radio show interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson, click here and go to show #9, and How to Remove A protective Heart Wall in episode #121.

Zip Up Protection

Frontal/Occipital Hold

Tapping for Inspiration

You can hover over the chakra points if touching them is uncomfortable for your child, or if it’s simply easier to do this way.

See the “Tapping Points Diagram” pdf at the bottom of this page. Please also listen to my podcast on tapping here.

Mindfulness Calming

Chakra Balancing

Lymphatic Drainage

Drains toxins from the lymphatic system, creates calming and clarity, and reduces sensory overload in the jaw and mouth area. Good to do anytime, but especially before eating for picky eaters.

Brain and Sensory Foundation Course for Help with Sensory Processing 

Click here to see my interview with Sonia Story on sensory processing issues and how her course can help.

Use this direct link,, to get to the Brain and Sensory Foundation course page to learn all about it.

Triple Warmer Acupressure Point

The triple warmer point is used to calm the system down anytime. Find the ‘dip’ behind the lobe of the ear where the bone meets the soft tissue. This is where the triple warmer point is. Start with one finger just behind the lobe of the ear on the bone and follow it straight back (posterior) until your finger slips into the small dip. It’s at the level of the lobe or slightly above that level (not below the lobe). Do this simultaneously on both sides of your body (or your child’s) and stimulate the point with very gentle pressure for about 30-60 seconds or so. You can do this to your child while sleeping also.

Click below for audios, transcripts and other resources


audio transcript of emotion code tutorial


Text transcript of emotion code tutorial

At-Home Fun Games To Help with Sensory Processing 

Help for Constipation

Help For Sleep and Calming Axiousness

Tapping Points Diagram