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Karen Thomas

Yes, Ryann,
Please read the pdf’s below the video. The ERMI and HERTSMI tests are important to help find the cause so it can be properly eradicated (from someone at The blood tests I was given were done by one of Dr. Shoemaker’s doctors who are certified for this specific purpose. These doctors are on his website at Read their bio’s. If one is not near you, then choose one you like best and begin with a phone consult. They can order blood testing to be done near you, and they send the samples to very specific labs for this testing. You must use one of these doctors to have testing and treatment be done correctly. Other doctors are not properly trained for this specialized issue.

The treatment prescribed is cholestyramine. It is fairly benign powder formula, but has the capability of removing the mold biotoxins from the body. The other aspect is the nasal Staph that can go along with this issue, and it can effect the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. A test will be done with a nasal swab to see if there is any Staph in the nasal passageways. I did not have this, but my son did.

The treatment for the Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Staph epidermis (Marcons) or nasal Staph, is a nasal spray called BEGS, Bactroban, Edetate disodium, and Gentamicin. One bottle of this took care of the Staph for my son. We tested after the first bottle of BEGS and he was clear of the MARCoNs.

My book, Naturally Healing Autism, goes much more in depth about all of this. I highly recommend reading about it in chapter six.