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Karen Thomas

Hi F, Yes, it can be trying to have multiple people suggesting different things for your child. This is one of the main reasons I created my program. To help simplify and support parents just like you. If you are in the program beware of adding in other remedies and supplements from outside of it. This could be too much. I know people want to listen to others, but they don’t always have the best advice. I know. I’ve lived it too. Use your gut instinct with what feels right for your child and what you want to do. Also, look at what you had been doing before and ask yourself, “has this been giving me any of the results I hoped for?”

I don’t know what probiotic you are using, but in my program I use Dr. Ohhira’s by Essential Formulas. This was chosen for very specific reasons (all specifics are written about in my book). We don’t need numbers in the billions for our kids. It can be too high and cause more reactions than necessary. If you follow the program one video and one step at a time, and be patient, you will move forward safely and effectively.

Children can get a little worse before getting better because the toxins are flushing out and they are being affected by them. This can be a good sign and usually only lasts for a few days, then they begin getting better. Pay attention to what supplement caused what reaction, write in your journal, and if you need to, back off for a couple of days with supplements to let his body catch up before resuming, but keep moving forward. It is a process and it does take time. Look for that first milestone. Any positive change shows you they’re getting better and offers encouragement. The encouragement alone is worth everything.

I fully support you in choosing not to medicate. It does not fix anything and can make them worse in the long run. Don’t let anyone bully you into it, and use your own instincts.

All my best,