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Miranda Hope

I just wanted to respond here, as an autism mom with no credentials at all, and just send some love your way. I was in a constant state of overwhelm for years with my ASD son, always feeling either a low-grade or high-grade desperation, but rarely truly free of an awful worry, anxious thoughts taking root in my head: “I should be doing more. I should be doing less. The doctors say one thing. The naturopath says another. Everyone seems to be guessing and time is ticking and I don’t know whether this is working and it’s so so expensive and I cannot take on more but what if …. ” Around and around.

So, just wanted to send some heartfelt empathy your way. This is a ridiculously hard road.

I don’t want to intrude too much with tedious suggestions, but it really helped me to learn to meditate, if only to manage my own head and calm myself down.

You know what else helped? KINDERGARTEN! ; )