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Hi my friend,
I wanted to say that if finances are really tight a great way to start with a DAN doctor (only if you haven’t gone to one yet) is with They pay for two DAN visits and labwork. They also send some GF food and supplements. They approve all applicants on a quarterly basis if you have NOT gone to a DAN doctor yet. This helps tremendously at the beginning. Then, as you have finances you can work in the the Elixirs and other items in Karen’s program to compliment what you can. The elixirs have been one of my favorite parts of Karen’s program. If you don’t qualify for the GR grant they also have a list of other grants that you may qualify for and some do provide supplements (paying the vendor directly). In that case you could order exactly what you need to get you started until other finances come your way. All the best, you are not alone in this fight. :))