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Karen Thomas

Hello Karen,
I’m extremely overwhelmed and worried now.

I just got back from my meeting with respect to next steps for my son. There has been someone running workshops with the agency and the agency has been consulting him about my son. He is about a more holistic approach however the agency apparently has communicated with him and told him about the challenges my son has been going through and today the main focus of the meeting was around the challenges my son’s been having namely aggressive behaviour etc. He was suggesting that because it may take 3-4 months or more to clear the yeast my son has; that behaviours could become worse and that because he’s already experiencing issues that are of concern he’s recommending that I provide them with the list of meds he’s tried in the past that have not worked and what the dosage was and he was going to consult with some individuals that have more knowledge around that to see whether there is something (a med) that they could temporarily utilize until the gut is cleared etc.and things are more balanced. I asked “How will we tell the difference of what is actually making a positive change if he’s on meds” He said that the same test that was used to discover it the first time would be used again. It wouldn’t be based on his behaviour. I also mentioned involving a behaviour therapist as the previous therapist couldn’t continue due to challenges with the agency etc. And the importance of staff being cognizant of certain things like the way they react to certain behaviours or their knowledge around sensory overload etc. At first an excuse was made that was around having a BT working with him while he is vulnerable and not the best of state would not be a good idea. However I asked what about the staff and how they’re dealing with my son. It’s important that they be aware of certain triggers etc. not to mention the importance of teaching replacement behaviours.

He agreed afterwards to set a meeting with a BT and discuss the above to ensure the new therapist is on the same page. I reiterated that every piece of the picture counts. We can’t just look at part of the picture.

It’s obvious they had a good talk with him and convinced him that my son needs some sort of med to calm him. I admit my son has been very up and down lately however I don’t think meds are the answer. I’m at a loss as to what to do. They aren’t taking into consideration the lack of knowledge the staff have and or some of the physical issues my son’s had (UTI) and the pain that’s caused to increase behaviours. In any case I mentioned all of that however I’m not sure it made much of a difference as they still would like the list of meds, dosage and length of time he took them.

Having said all that, are you aware of anything natural that could help his mood/behaviour while we’re trying to clear the yeast from his system? Perhaps I’ll consult his naturopath on this but thought to ask you in case you have any idea around this.

I very much appreciate any input you can provide at this very challenging time.

Thank you