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I just wanted to say thank you to Karen, Miranda and Christine for the responses provided here and the kind encouraging words. It has been quite overwhelming to say the least. I appreciate the support you’re providing Karen and am really grateful for the topics discussed in the live call today. Alot of what was discussed was really helpful to hear. I’m curious to ask the other Parents on here whether they have any other support. And what I mean by support is if you’re involved with different professionals/meetings whom do you take with you? I’ve had many challenges in obtaining that support. There really is no advocate aside from ourselves that is out there to specifically help parents advocate on behalf of their child/adolscent. It makes it tough when you have all these professionals to deal with especially when you’re in disagreement to what they’re suggesting for your son/daughter and you’re on your own trying to advocate. I’d be grateful for anyones input.

Thanks so much!