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Karen Thomas

I get this question a lot. Candida can take three to six months to really get under control. For the first three weeks, or more, it is best to avoid all sugars, if possible. If the only way you can get your daughter to take the healthy smoothies is with a little bit of fruit, then try one quarter of an apple with the skin on, or muscle test her for a small amount of berries (some berries create phenol sensitivity, so muscle testing is a good idea to be sure they’re ok. Better yet, you can try a very small amount of stevia. Do your own taste test with this. Stevia does not take much to sweeten. Be sure it is healthy stevia with no fillers. You can find one at, Stevia does not affect blood sugar or candida.

When checking for candida, but not able to use the spit test you can do several things. First, watch for symptoms such as behavioral issues, i.e. irritability, anxiety, and physical symptoms such as poor coordination, memory, speech issues, headaches, itchy skin, smelly bowel movements with the consistency of soft serve yogurt, low energy, protruded belly and more. See the full list in chapter 7 of my book.

You can also test first morning urine pH levels with litmus paper. This shows you acidity levels (it is explained in chapter 7 also). To regulate the candida is improving use the pH test strips that move in increments of 0.2 such as 6.2, 6.4, 6.6, etc, not the one that jumps by 0.5. Look for the paper to go from yellow to green. Yellow is more acidic. You will be looking for something in the 6.4 range. It can help you track progress. This type of litmus paper can be found at,

For a more comprehensive test of gut pathology you can try the Genova Labs Microbiology analysis test found at,

I hope this helps.

All my best,