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Reply To: Testimonials

Karen Thomas

I am keeping testimonials anonymous, so you will see my name as the one putting them in. Another mom just sent me an email that I really wanted to share:

Hi dear Karen,
So far we have done 3 weeks on the casein and gluten free diet, and we are introducing him a fruit everyday. I have noticed he has a better appetite, than before we started the diet, because he is eating melons and strawberrys’ now, before he would just spit them out. I noticed at night he is more alert than during day, is it normal? We have noticed as well better speech and joining two words and sometimes 3 during nursery rhymes. Also eye contact has improved, and he smiles when I smile to him. These improvements all occurred with just the diet, and we haven’t started elixirs yet because we haven’t received them yet.I would like to know is it ok if I start him on buckwheat flour or is it bad as wheat?
Best regards

(My response to the buckwheat question has been added to the candida page in the forum for your interest.)