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Karen Thomas

Hi Mars,
I hear your concerns and completely understand. Robert’s elixirs are unique and a bit different to understand but he has been selling them and I have been using them for many years with great success. Many parents inside of this program are already seeing positive results from them too. Read the testimonials page in this forum for some insights.

Robert only sells them directly from his website. They are not found in health food stores. I have to have a disclaimer for everything I do because I am not a doctor and I need to be smart about what I do. Robert’s elixirs are safe, but if it makes you feel better you could call him and talk to him about it. He can explain more about them and explain which few to begin with and how to use them. That would also be in the email he sent back to you already. Send him an email and let him know you would like to talk to him and set up a call. In the meantime, there is a lot of information on his website at,

You could find a practitioner who does muscle testing and ask them to give you a quick lesson. Many chiropractors do this, as do allergy elimination practitioners. You will need an allergy elimination practitioner in this program so maybe look for a good one now. You can find the directory in module 1, video 1, “how to find a natural practitioner”.

I hope this helps. I know it can seem like a lot at first. Just try to keep it simple, one video at a time and one thing at a time. Don’t try to jump ahead. You have obviously been overwhelmed for a long time and it can time to relax a little, but please try. It will benefit both you and your child. I know. Remember, I have lived it too. It can be difficult to trust one more thing after a while. I hope I earn it because I want your child to get well too, and I believe in my program.

All my best,