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Hi Karen,

My son is 17 months old and I am seeing signs that may indicate he is somewhere on the spectrum.
He does not sleep more than 2 hours at night before waking up screaming and takes hours to go back to bed. This has been going on since birth.
He has no words other than Daaaa.
He has no self-awareness, little to no social/emotional behavior.
He does have issues with diahharea.
Because he has not officially been diagnosed, as their is a 6 month wait for the developmental specialist, and I know that time is very precious….my question is where do I begin?
I have started the Gaps Diet Intro for the past two weeks. I just ordered the probiotic and cod liver.
I have been working with Early Intervention for OT, speech, etc.
I made an appointment with the neurologist and gastrointestinal…. Should I keep these appointments as they are 275 a piece or go a different path as to discover what is going on with his brain/insides????

Please help!