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Karen Thomas

Hi Sarah,

I know it’s hard but you are fortunate that he is so young and that you have found this program so soon.

There are so many questions I have. Since he has diarrhea it is obvious that his gut is imbalanced. Have you seen any changes since beginning the GAPS diet? He likely has adrenal weakness that can be contributing to waking at night also, and his liver needs support, but it is important to get a baseline. If you have not yet gotten a reading from (see module 1 on elixirs for more), then I suggest doing so right away. He will give you a very specific email back with the elixirs that your son needs now. The elixirs can help with all of this. Don’t worry about not having a diagnosis yet. The important thing is healing his biology so his brain has reduced inflammation and lowered toxic load on it. The gut is a big part of it.

After the elixirs begin following the program one video at a time. Due to his age, you may choose to use the probiotic called HLC Neonate from Pharmax. You can look into it at,

The best way to know which one is best is to muscle test (see module 1 videos). just ask the question while testing as if you had the product there. I know it sounds odd to just ask but it works well. The stronger reading, the better the choice, and be sure when you do begin that you muscle test for dosages. It will be very low in the beginning. Start with elixirs first, as they help prepare the body. You may notice some die off reactions when you begin the probiotics, and the elixirs help with that too.

I cannot tell you not to go to a doctor. One of the reasons I created this program was to help parents not have to spend unnecessary money and not just have their kids put on medications that mask symptoms but don’t help the true causes of the issues going on. If you have the time, you can begin this program and when you begin to see results, it may answer your own question around this.

All my best,