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Hello Karen,

I felt compelled to comment on the Methyl-B12 being discussed in this thread. My son has been taking the sublingual form of this supplement for 2 weeks now mainly to see if it’ll help his mood. Dosage at 5 sprays per day as recommended by his naturopath. (Is this the typical dose for an adolescent?) It seemed to have some positive effects as we noticed that at times he was responding better to certain things he usually has difficulty with. One example is trying on clothes, usually he never tries them on for me and I usually need assistance from a support worker and still it was a challenge or did not happen at all until the day he was going to wear the actual clothing. After starting the B12 (the night of) I had a new article of clothing for him and to my surprise he tried it without hesitation or support!? I was impressed! He also seemed to be in better (happier) spirits the second week being on the B12. Not sure if any of this is a coincidence however I thought it was worth mentioning. There was an observation of some bursts of energy (one evening) however I’m not sure this is happening frequently. It is so difficult when he is completely non verbal and cannot express how he is feeling. He is also having some difficulty with a specific medical issue we are waiting to test/treat so it makes it difficult to know what may be impacting his behaviour at times. Any feedback or insight provided would be greatly appreciated.