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Karen Thomas

Yes, I agree with Robert. Also, remember that it is good to keep her off of sugars anyway. I talk about the re-introduction of it on a very limited basis, and this is with fruit, again, very limited. One quarter of a cup per day or every couple of days, and only if it is tolerated. You will notice digestion and behavioral changes if it is not tolerated. Candida is very tricky. I concur with Robert that she is still in need of some more candida removal before it is time to try.

Muscle test her for the enzymes and be sure she is accepting of them and that you are offering the right dosages per meal and per day.

I would think that Robert’s elixir called “toxin elimination” could be helpful with the die off. It has helped me personally when I have dealt with the same exact thing your daughter is going through.

I hope this helps.