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Karen Thomas

We can get opioids from other foods too, even spinach. Until detoxification and the gut work better the body has a hard time getting opioids out. I would get one bottle of mindlinx and use it until gone. Pay attention to any changes you notice. It is a very helpful product. Journal what you notice. If there are a lot of changes you may want to get a second bottle when done with the first.
For magnesium we are going to utilize it when the vitamins and minerals are added in in module 3. Magnesium is very helpful so if you want to add it on its own now it should be fine. My top choice by far is natural vitality. You can find it on the healthy products page st Be aware of dosages. Too much won’t hurt him but will give diarrhea. Start with 1/8 teaspoon in hot water and slowly work up to bowel tolerance. Let it fizz in the hot water. You only need a little water but it needs to be warm enough. This ionizes it and makes it bioabsorbable.