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Karen Thomas

Reply from Robert for the question above:

Hello Audrey,

I’m pleased to hear that your son has improved.

I think it would be best to stop taking HPA Elixir for three weeks. This will let his system calm down and give the other supplements time to do a bit more time to work. Then restart HPA at the 1 drop a day dose and keep it at that dose, as long as it is not making his behaviors worse, for another 3 weeks, before starting to increase. If re-introducing HPA makes him worse, then stop it again for a few more weeks.

His reaction to it shows that he needs HPA very much, but it is doing more than he can handle right now.

Toxin Elimination Elixir could also be doing too much. If you are giving your son more than this, reduce his TEE dose to 1 drop twice a day, and stay at this dose for a couple of weeks before starting to gradually increase it up to the 3 drops twice a day dose.

Also do the same for Viral Control Elixir, reducing its dose to 1 drop twice a day.

And definitely with the others, Biotic Boost, C & P Removal Elixir and CandXpel, start them one at a time at just one drop a day.

At this point you can start going through the list, adding in a drop to the daily dose of one of the elixirs, wait two or three days to make sure this increase doesn’t cause an increase in behaviors, and if it doesn’t, add in another one. If it does cause behaviors, reduce it back down, and give it a few more days before increasing anything else.

I think your 7 year old would benefit greatly from some of the elixirs and Karen’s program suggestions. Here is what i test is more vital for him…