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Reply To: Testimonials

Karen Thomas

Because of your elixirs my 3 yr old son has improved so much, on the 15.4.17 he started with the first two elixirs sattuv and sensory overload, i kept him for maximum of 3 days and always started a new one in the order you suggested me, up to HPA elixir. The improvements are he listens to small tasks, plays with his older brother who is 3 yrs older, smiles back when we smile, eye contact has improved, he says three words now like ” lets go pear ” or ” let’s go apple”( he is asking me for a fruit), he isn’t putting tantrums when we wash his hair or when I read to him, no more lining up of toys, he is much happier, not that much hand flapping and biting like before. He started knocking on the door and cries out when he wakes up, before he would just wake up and start playing with his toys and it was hard for me to know when he woke up.