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Karen Thomas

Hi Terrelia,
To do an ionic cleanse it would be good to have been on the gut healing diet and support supplements for about a month. Beware of any heavy detoxification too quickly. There are many different ionic cleanses and they vary.

For swimming:
I am currently at the autism one conference and there is a water expert here, so I asked him his thoughts on your question. He said if the pool is heavily used by kids that could be urinating in it then absolutely not because when urine and chlorine mix they make a very harmful chemical called chloramines. These are very dangerous to inhale and can cause a multitude of health problems.
If the pool is not heavily used by children then it should be fine.

Chiropractors are great anytime (good ones). They can be very helpful, and most muscle test too.

There is a good book on how to make your own fermented foods called “wild fermentation”.
Limit her intake, especially when you first start giving it to her to see how she does. Too much can cause die off reactions of the pathogens. Too much can also cause glutamate excitotoxicity in some people. It should be fine. Just regulate intake.

How is Senna doing on the B12? If she is still excitable we can put her on a hydroxy B12 for a month until her body regulates methylation better, then move to the methyl B12. This is only if the excitability has not subsided. Let me know.

All my best,