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Karen Thomas


One more thing…
I am putting together a post on water, including how we need to add minerals to our water sources almost everywhere. Here is some information for now that may be helpful:

We all need to add minerals to our water source.  Kids with autism need it even more because they are deficient in minerals. A good source is sea water minerals from Quicksilver.
They have two formulas. The Isotonic, and the Hypertonic, which are explained below.
These are their instructions to begin usage for sensitive people such as those with autism:
In general start them with 1 Isotonic in the afternoon or evening. When tolerance is demonstrated add a second Isotonic so that they have 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. Take it straight in the mouth and hold for 30 sec if they are willing. Otherwise just swallow. Do not mix in water. Isotonic is generally very well tolerated. However, if there is a problem you can put the contents of the vial, 10ml, in a small clean dropper bottle and dispense in smaller amounts and titrate up to tolerance. You can also consider rubbing it on their skin.

Hypertonic can be used in the morning because it tends to be more stimulating. Isotonic is the main medicine. Think of Hypertonic in cases of depletion, mineral depletion, hypoactivity, coldness, and weakness.

These remedies help clean up the intercellular matrix, facilitate cellular communication and over time facilitate homeostasis and proper regulation of body systems.

In short, Quinton is the Hypertonic, for the AM, and the Isotonic at night. (Isotonic is the milder one.)

Find isotonic minerals at,

Find hypertonic minerals at,

I hope this helps.