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Karen Thomas

Hi Tammy,
I don’t know what the product is that you are giving Gav now so it is hard to say anything about it.

Dr. Ohhira’s has a prebiotic in it that feeds the microbes naturally. It can be given at morning or in the evening. Either is really fine.

L-glutamine will help to heal the gut and is in the Glutagenics product you will get to shortly in the program. Glutamine is only a temporary product. Depending on how long he has been taking this, you may want to discontinue. If it is over a month, I would stop the glutamine and use the Dr. Ohhira’s. You can muscle test to see how his body accepts the Glutagenics when you get to it.

It’s up to you, if you still have a lot of the other product, and are getting positive results, then you could finish it up and then switch to the Dr. Ohhira’s.