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Karen Thomas

Hi Joni,

It is difficult for me to know all you have and have not done. You are the best judge of that as you look through the program. I would be sure that you have gone through each of the videos and have implemented each aspect in the order they are in up to where you are. If something was not implemented yet, muscle test and be sure the body accepts it, then ask for dosages, and begin.

Robert’s elixirs are an important part. Ask Robert for a current reading for your child. Give him the age and symptoms of your child now.

The supplements in this program have been well researched for autism, so they are what I know works. Other supplements your child may be on might not be as optimal, but it is hard for me to know. You could finish up with what you have and then switch to the products in this program, muscle testing first, of course. This is very important with many different aspects, especially what is used for candida and which probiotic, and which multi’s, etc.

Once you have done these things you could begin where you think you are (ie module 4).