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Karen Thomas

Hi Rebecca and welcome!
It sounds like you’re doing a great job. Be sure to check your home for mold spores with the test I talk about in my book from mycometrics. It is also on this download page at,

As far as calcium, this is not as big of a concern as you may think. There are many other sources of it such as almonds, salmon, and many green vegetables. We often get more than we need and if we supplement the issue gets worse. It then displaces magnesium in the body. We all need more magnesium. There is a video on this in the resources page inside the program.
Do your best with the diet and calcium from food sources. I purposely do not add a calcium supplement for a very long time due to the reasons above.
If she is having tooth problems it is usually due to gut issues, and blood sugar spikes, not low calcium. Listen to my podcast on this with an expert naturopathic dentist at,

I hope this helps,