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Karen Thomas

Hi Jessica,

Yes, chlorine, along with its own toxicity, will also destroy good bacteria she has in her body. This gives candida and other pathogens more strength which will negatively effect her physical and emotional well-being even further. I’m having many thoughts about this.

Bioray makes good products. I have not researched the NDF plus for chlorine removal. If they stated that it has specifically been helpful with chlorine removal, then you could give it a try and see how she does. Watch closely for symptoms. You could muscle test her with a small glass of chlorine water, (which will give you a negative/weak eading, then muscle test again while she holds both the chlorinated water and has contact with the bottle of NDF plus and see if it makes her stronger. If this does not work then it would be best to keep her out of the pool.

Another way to allow her to swim without chlorine would be in a smaller “kiddy” pool that does not have chlorine added. I know this is difficult when there is a big pool nearby. Maybe you could convince her it is her own special pool.

It sounds like you are about a month into the program. Candida still needs a lot of work. I would be sure she is on liver support (Robert’s liver detox pathways elixir), and on the probiotics to help combat the chlorine also. Be sure the other children are not urinating in the pool, as it will make the problem worse. Read the article I wrote about this at,

She has also not been detoxified for heavy metals yet. The Pectaclear we use in this program could be another good one to test her with while also holding the chlorinated water. Pectaclear is a fabulous product and may be helpful with supporting the removal of chlorine, and you will be using it eventually anyway.

Let me know what you find.