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Karen Thomas

Hi Heather,
No Robert is not psychic, but he is very tuned in. He tests based on energetic readings. For a very thorough explanation you can read all about it here,

It is like muscle testing, but different avenues can be used. He just wrote me and asked if I had thought about teaching the pendulum method in this program, as well as teaching muscle testing. It’s funny, but my response was that I was trying not to sound too “weird” to some parents who are new to all of this. The pendulum method works well too. You take a string or a necklace with something with weight on it, (ie a stone or a locket, etc), and you hold it in front of your heart. You ask for a “yes” and the pendulum swings one direction, then you stop it, and ask for a “no” and it will swing in a different direction. I know it does sound strange but it really works well. Then you use it the same way as muscle testing asking about food acceptability by the body, and supplements and their dosages, etc. I could make a video if you like and add it to the muscle testing page. Let em know.
I know some of the things I offer in the program are a bit different than other places, but they work!…and that’s all that matters. This is why I appreciate that my members have an open mind. Even the elixirs are a bit strange for some, but then they see the benefits and they just go with it. The safe, natural, and healthy benefits are all that matter.