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Karen Thomas

Hi Jen,

It sounds like you are describing my son when he was 5. If it helps, today he is a very calm and easy going guy. He’s 21 now.

This behavior has to do with candida, and often heavy metals too. Be sure he is getting a lot of good outdoor exercise. Go to the park, the beach, ride bikes, whatever. It helps a lot.

Do your best with the diet, stay on the elixirs and get through the supplements. They will help. The omegas and B12 help behavior a lot. Then the multi’s will too. Once you’re there, or close, begin the heavy metals protocol in module 4. Pectaclear is a safe product, and it works very well. The aggravated behavior could be from mercury. Have you had a hair analysis test done? It may be a good idea to get one now (see module 4). You will need to get one done eventually anyway, so you will need those results. If it’s extremely high and you are well into the candida diet and supplements you may want to begin. Also be surehe is not having exposure to mold somewhere that you are not aware of. We go into it in module 7, but you can learn more about it in my recent podcast interview at,