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Karen Thomas

Hi there,
Yes, it is actually good to alternate enzymes so use the o- zyme.
Not chewing well could contribute to constipation. I would make sure she is getting enough water. Lack of hydration can definitely contribute to constipation.
I will be adding in Thrive probiotic to the program soon. It will be in addition to the dr. Ohhira’s. We will use both. I will explain in detail later but if you listen to my most recent podcast interview with Koran Krishna it will explain some of it. This could help Eleuthera constipation as her body is adjusting. The link to purchase it is below the video on the page at
If she has good energy then I would not suspect mitochondrial issues just yet, but to learn more about mitochondrial dysfunction you can also listen to my podcast interview with dr. Fran Kendall on my podcast page also if you like.