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Karen Thomas

Hi Sandra,
I can’t legally read charts for you. I find symptoms to be the best guide anyway. If he fits the picture, then you could move ahead with “The One” by Quicksilver. It will only help. You can find it at,

I’m not sure where you are in the program. The diet and supplements will help. Did you ask Robert for a reading for your elixirs? We will definitely get to vitamin B12. There is a great product I know of for vitamin K (commonly deficient when candida is an issue) but some kids have early sensitivities to it so I did not include it before the multivitamins (module 3).

You could muscle test, and just ask (I know it sounds weird) if The One is good for your child now. Go with the yes or no. If it’s a yes, then when you get it, test for beginning dosages.
Also, ask if you could go forward and use B12 now. The sublingual one we use in the program is very good. If you choose to move forward with vitamin K now, 9know this will improve with the diet and elixirs), then muscle test for it. If you get a yes, here are two good choices, but one has vitamin D in it also. The vitamin D will definitely be needed but I didn’t include this product as our first D choice because it is not a single product and some kids have trouble with K.

The K choices are:
Straight K in capsules which can be opened up:

D and K sublingual liquid: