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Karen Thomas

Hi Tasripa,
Yes, the diet is a work in progress, always. If you have done the full (no fruit or carbohydrate) version of the diet for 3-4 weeks already, then on maintenance keep the fruit to a minimum of about 1/4 cup per day or less due to sugars. We just don’t want to feed the candida. Muscle or pendulum testing for food is a good idea too. The green colored stools can mean allergies to a food, so it’s good to check in with everything you are feeding him, just in case.
The other foods you mention are good, but keep the carbs to a minimum also. Amaranth can be a bit higher in starch content.
The Restore will help begin to heal the tight junctions in the membranes which help heal leaky gut, which helps with any picky eating. As the gut reorganizes there can be many changes like softer stools. Be sure to keep hydrated with plenty of pure water.
Being tired in the afternoon could be either some “die off” from the candida, and/or adrenal fatigue which most of our kids have. Robert may have given you an elixir for this if he picked it up as significant in his reading. A little bit of Himalayan salt (not white table salt), and ashwaganda are also helpful for adrenals and fatigue. There is a good ashwaganda at Brainchild Nutritionals, After registering on their website, use code ‘naturallyhealingautism’ at checkout to receive 15% off.
You can muscle test before getting it by asking if it would be helpful for him now.