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Maria Feeley

Hi Karen,

1. I’d like to continue the juicing but I understand your point about the candida. I feel like it’s helping her somehow, unsure what to do….Is there different levels of candida? or is it you either have it or you don’t? I did the spit test with her, does look like she still has it. She didn’t spit a lot so it was a little hard to tell.
2. My natural path doc seems to think she is getting the right dose of vitamin D. So I’m going to skip the vitamin D and keep using the Vitamin D/K2 she’s been taking. So after I introduce Trienza I’ll introduce Vitamin methyl B12, then Glutathione, is that a good plan?
3. My daughter has been taking Thrive probiotics and L. Acidophilus 3+ billion probiotic (prescribed by natural path doc) for about 5 months. Do I still need to give her the Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics?
4. I had her do a MRT food senstivity test 6 months ago, what are your thoughts on this test? I do my best to avoid the foods that she is sensitive to, corn being one of them. I buy organic meats however poultry is vegetarian fed- still has corn in their feed. Do you think as long a I buy organic chicken/turkey/pork, that’s enough?? I’ve stressed so much trying to find good quality meat. According to the MRT test she’s sensitive to beef so she only has it once in a while and I make sure it’s organic grass fed.
Thank you Karen!