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For your family’s security and life fund, your child’s programs, health care, education, supplements and therapies, and a future trust that your loved ones can live on even after you’re gone.

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Learning about Hyperfund: Overview

Click here to learn more about Hyperfund and find videos, plus downloadable resources on subjects such as FAQ’s and “Due Diligence” on company background and stability.

Tutorial videos to set up your Hyperfund account, your Binance account, funding each, and rebuying rewards are all HERE. They are also linked below with descriptions.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Hyperfund Account

1. Click here to use Karen’s Hyperfund referral ‘invite’ link to sign up. This will take you to the Hyperfund website. A referral code is required. Karen’s referral code is “cranial“. For your convenience, a direct link to the Hyperfund website that automatically adds this referral code in is, Karen’s link:

2. Once on the Hyperfund website, open a new window for the “Get Started” tutorial video, to show you how to set up your Hyperfund account, and get it set up now so it’s done. (Note that you will create a regular password, and then be asked for a ‘transaction” password. This will be a 6 digit number of your choice.)

  • Live weekly trainings or “Events”: Here you will find all of the LIVE trainings that take place weekly in multiple countries for different time zone options.

Step 2: Setting up your Binance account to Fund your Hyperfund account from

Binance will help you deposit funds from your currency to cryptocurrency, then use the crypto funds to fund your hyperfund. I’ve given the, site links because as a US citizen I can only access them. The tutorial videos are the same in the site for all other countries outside of the US, but I cannot access it to give direct links.

1. Setting up a Binance account: (tutorial video), OR Read the text version on Binance’s site which contains all the necessary information to use Binance including security setup, trading fees, deposit and withdrawal, referral program, and customer support. For U.S. citizens please use my Binance referral/invite link (see below).

For Binance (United States) use Karen’s code below. For, outside of the US, there will not be a code to use:

Note: Binance US has two options for depositing funds into it.

  •  ACH bank transfer (no fee but a 10 day hold time)
  • OR wire transfer (bank fees apply but ability to withdraw and use crypto currency is immediate-no hold time). No credit cards are currently accepted in Binance US, as I’m told they are in for other currencies.

How to deposit fiat currency (your home currency) into your Binance account, and then convert into cryptocurrency:

IMPORTANT NOTE: be sure to add enough extra funds to cover any bank fees if they apply, (these vary per bank), and for the Binance withdrawal fees. Fees will show up on your bank withdrawal and on the Binance website, when applicable. The example video shows the Binance fees in a transaction. It is by percentage of currency being converted or transferred.

Binance verification holds:

1. Security verification: Go through the security verification process (basic or advanced depending on your choice of deposit clearance). For security purposes there may be a delay before your funds go through to your Binance account. This varies the first time. In Binance you can check your account’s ‘wallet” balance, or the ‘deposit and withdrawal’ page to see if the deposit is there and for any wait time noted before funds can be withdrawn (if ACH bank transfer was used).

2. Converting funds: After this initial deposit has been processed your funds will need to be converted in Binance from your home currency into crypto currency (see video on converting Euro to USDT), 

3. OR a walkthrough video of the steps converting USD to USDT in Binance, (“T” for “tether” which is cryptocurrency), showing fees, and then funding your hyperfund account from USDT to Hyperfund withdrawal network of “ERC20”. 

a. USDT is ‘tether’ or a stable digital form of cash.

b. There is NO hold time on bank WIRE transfers, but additional bank fees may apply.

c. Do the conversion from your currency into cryptocurrency right away inside of Binance because once the conversion is done, if you’ve used an ACH transfer, there will be a 10 day security hold before you can ‘withdraw’ it and fund (deposit) into your hyperfund account. 

  1. ACH 10 day transfer hold time: Set your calendar for 10 days out to check for funds in your account on the “deposit and withdrawal” page in Binance. There it will show how many days are left before you can withdraw them. Once it’s available it will be in your “wallet” in Binance so from there click on “balance”.

How to FUND your hyperfund account from Binance:

Video example showing using euros. For conversion of other currencies it will be the same steps but using your home currency.

Stop here until you’re set up in Hyperfund and Binance. Bypass the next session on “beyond set up” until you’re ready for it. If you like, you can skip down to the FAQ section below and then watch the Q&A webinar above if you haven’t done so already.

Future Lessons In Hyperfund (beyond set up)

Once you’ve started your own Hyperfund account here are the future lessons to learn in hyperfund:

1. How to REBUY (video) in your hyperfund account: Very Important!

How to follow your rewards and rebuy with them (daily, weekly, monthly etc), time increments vary depending on your initial investment and acceleration from referrals.

2. Invite others and get referral rewards: 

NO commissions are paid. Sharing with others simply accelerates your rewards to you from the company. Rewards will accumulate and be given to you regardless of bringing in others. Sharing with others is a way to accelerate your rewards, if you choose.

a. Copy your invite link from your “account” page in your hyperfund account (the little person icon in the lower right corner of your screen takes you to your “account” page). 

b. Once on the account page look toward the upper right area of the page for the circle with the words “invite friends” and click on it. 

c. Then click on the “Invitation link” to copy it. 

d. Then share your invitation link with anyone you choose and share the opportunity video page. Once they have your invitation link, then send them to step #1 to help them begin setting up their account. This helps them and accelerates the release of your own rewards from the company too. 

3. How to withdraw funds from Binance and deposit into a hyperfund account or another account. (Note that withdrawals from Hyperfund can only be done in monthly incremental amounts and not everything all at once.)

a. Learn here in text (US website link), 

b. OR see tutorial video.

4. How to find your own referral link to Binance to invite friends to Binance. Learn here (US website link).

Common terms and FAQs

 I would like to take the opportunity to address two common arguments/questions:

1. “HyperCommunity & the HyperFund platform operates as a pyramid scheme.” This is one of the main arguments that is used by people to discredit it.

While it is true that HyperFund has a system to reward community builders who invite others to the HyperCommunity (as many other companies do), it is necessary to make it clear that they are not actually paying any commissions at all, but simply an acceleration of the 2-3x that you are getting. In other words, inviting others gets you the total 2-3x FASTER. 

Let me also shed some light on the rewards in the referral plan: 

The Community, VIP, and Global Reward are Residual Rewards. This means that community builders receive a daily accelerated reward in the form of a small % of the rewards of their team. But the most important thing is that the origin of these payments ARE NOT THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF NEW MEMBERS, but rather obtained from the profits of the company. Even if not a single partner entered, those rewards would continue to be given to you. And also, as mentioned before, this isn’t commission, but rather an acceleration of the rewards you are already getting by becoming a member of the community. 

2. “Why do they need our money if they are so successful already?” 

The reality is, this entire vision is far beyond money. When it comes to money, it’s clear through the holdings, investments, and companies they own that they have generated billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and helped incubate some of the biggest projects in crypto. This project was created for three common reasons: 1) Mass adoption 2) Giving back to the world and giving them an opportunity to benefit from the growth of this industry as well. 

Ryan Xu himself was named as a self proclaimed “Utopian Capitalist” by top global media outlet Washington Post, and has always had a vision of a world where normal people have a fighting chance in a world where massive corporations control everything. 

And he also wants to fix one fundamental flaw in the blockchain and crypto industry: the lack of loyal communities. 

Multi-billion dollars multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon realize the power of community and users understand mass adoption cannot be achieved without loyal users. Many projects in the blockchain and crypto industry suffer the same fate, which is they are used as tools for speculation and greed, pumped and then dumped and the no actual value or underlying technology that can really change the world is ever realized. 

If you research into the projects HyperTech is developing, such as HCash, MOF, and HyperDao, you will see that this is cutting edge technology developed together with prestigious universities and supported by governments. And Ryan wants these projects and his vision to truly be achieved. 

By leveraging a community, where he and the team can share the profits on a daily basis that they make with their companies and in their many business ventures and reward the members for participating in his vision, not only is The HyperTech Group able to leverage the community membership to continually grow their ecosystem and work with new governments around the world, but something else powerful happens: 

Happy members start to see value in their projects, exchanges, and platforms, and suddenly, the 100s of thousands or millions of people that were initially only leveraging HyperFund are now loyal users of their many exchanges, their wallets, and holding their tokens long term. And thus, a loyal community is built and transformative things can continue to happen with a strong community backing them. 

And this is why Ryan and the whole HyperTech Group want and need a loyal community to take their ambitions and goals to the next level.

Common terms and other FAQs:

Hyperfund: Hyper Fund provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. Hyper Fund manages investments in firms leveraging blockchain technology, looks for tokens that have high community demand and innovations to digital currency technology across the globe.

How does HyperFund global work?

When a member purchases a HyperFund Global package, he or she will receive a daily reward of between 0.5% and 1% per day, regardless of the package(s) bought. See complete example below.

Binance: A crypto wallet. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. 

Cryptocurrency (“crypto” for short): A cryptocurrency is a type of currency which uses digital files as money. Usually, the files are created using the same methods as cryptography (the science of hiding information). … Cryptocurrencies use ‘decentralized control’, which means that they aren’t controlled by one person or government.

Fiat: currency of money in your country. Example, USD and USDT are very different. USD is really a currency, while USDT is a cryptocurrency. People can use the USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges only.

Blockchain: In the simplest terms, Blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. You can also think of it as a chain or records stored in the forms of blocks which are controlled by no single authority.

Tether (definition): stable digital cash on the blockchain.

What is Tether used for? The primary purpose of Tether is to provide liquidity and a hedge against market volatility. The tokens are pegged to a fiat, which means there should be no loss of value or volatility as with other tokens. This also makes the stable coin less risky than typical cryptocurrencies.

Example of how HyperFund global works:

When a member purchases a HyperFund Global package, he or she will receive a daily reward from the company of between 0.5% and 1% per day, regardless of the package(s) purchased. This reinvested is called a “rebuy” and helps to grow your fund.

Below are the initial membership increment options of $300, $500, or $1000, which you can add to at any time (rewards accelerate with higher increments).

For example:

  • $300 ($300X.5%=$1.50/per day).  A rebuy happens when you reach ‘50’, (50 divided by 1.50=3.3333), so a $300 ‘initial’ membership will give you your “50” for your rebuy in 34 days after initial purchase alone. 
  • $500 ($500X.5%=$2.5/per day), and (50/2.5=20), so a $500 membership will give you your “50” rebuy in 20 days
  • $1000 ($1000X.5%=$5/per day), and (50/5=10, so a $1000 membership will give you your “50” rebuy in 10 days.
  • therefore, $10,000 gives you a rebuy everyday, right away (10,000X.5%=50), (50/50=1), or about $1450 per month after one month of compounding. After 12 months of compounding on your $10,000, (with the current 3X rewards giving you 30K), it would give you about $8,970.00, per month.

As you can see, higher increments release your rewards faster to you.

Triple Rewards: Currently Hyperfund is giving you 3 Times the amount of your membership in Rewards Credit Matching.

An exciting bonus offered by the company currently is the ‘triple rewards’. The company will give you 3 times the amount of your memberships and rebuys, at any increment option.

For example:

  • If you purchase a $300 membership, you will get credit for $900. 
  • For a $500 membership, you will get credit for $1500. 
  • For $1000 membership, you will get credit for $3000. 
  •  If you purchase five, $1000 memberships, or $5,000, then you get credit for $15,000. 
  • At $10,000, you get $30,000

…and so on for any further memberships as you add on, at any time you like.

This is the same for any “rebuy”.  Rebuys come in increments of “50”, so for example, if you do one single rebuy at 50, you will receive 150 in rewards credit for it, and so on.

Quick Link Guide

Further learning about cryptocurrency and the Blockchain

  • Crypto reading here
  • More reading (on banks folding) here
  • Blockchain videos here
  • How blockchain is changing money Youtube video

DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained in this website, or herein, should be construed as investment advice. It is for informational purposes only. Any reference to an investment’s past or potential performance is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation or as a guarantee of any specific outcome or profit. Any investment holds risk. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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