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Module 1

Introduction to Herbal Formulas Bonus

Integrating on your child’s timeline.

Watch this video to begin learning about the herbal bonus, and when you may begin integrating the first one for the five comorbid infections, (mold biotoxins, PANS/strep, Lyme, parasites, and mycoplasma issues).

This is being added here because mold, PANS flare-ups, often need to be started very soon, so begin with the diet changes, elixirs, minerals, and binders, and then begin integrating the herbal formulas as are noted in the video. You will do this slowly. The rest of the supplements will be added over time. It’s one thing at a time.

For parasite infections we find it works well to do the parasite elixir for about a month then add in the herbals for parasites at that point, but muscle testing can help to know if both are accepted by the body sooner. It is ok to do both together as long as the body tells you it is. Lyme tier 1, is also good to integrate with the parasite herbal formulas since Lyme lives inside of parasites.

See pdf’s at the bottom of this page.

Further videos and guidelines on the coinfections and the herbals begin in module 3, with mold. Module 7, acts as a placeholder for each of the coinfections to learn more specifics on each.

Side notes: If your child is just under the age of 2, (say 1.5) then add in as you would for any sensitive child with 1 drop at a  time. The child may not be able to reach full doses, which is also okay. Go as per tolerance.
If breastfeeding – No herbals including Formula 1 NSB can be used.
If on psychotropic prescription medication do NOT use Baikalin/skullcap, SPCH blend, Neuro-S or herbal formulas NS-1, or NS-2 (these are different from formula 1NSB nasal spray which is fine to use). Please read the descriptions next to the individual products on the pages here and on the Bionexus website.

For the Neuro-S essential oil scalp massage blend (see pdf below), here are additional guidelines: start with 1 drop of the EO in 1 teaspoon carrier oil and slowly build up to 10 drops.

FIRST check on the child’s forearm for any allergic reaction before applying to the scalp. Many people are forgetting this important first step


The Bionexus herbal formula called “V blend” works very well on viruses too.

Watch these replays Dr. Dashore and I gave offering instructions and answering all members’ questions regarding herbal formulas.

The CF-S formula is for calming and focus, and the SPCH formula is for speech. There are very specific guidelines for the SPCH formula so watch the video before using it. Guidelines are also in the pdf below for specific issues. RAD formula for electromagnetic field protection is mentioned in this video by Dr. Dashore, however, for the best EMF protection I recommend the Focused Life Force (FLFE). It is by far the easiest, most effective and long-term most cost efficient way to protect your family from Electromagnetic field radiation. Their customer service is excellent so feel free to contact them for further questions beyond what you can learn from their website at They offer a free 14 day trial too. ________________

Herbal formulas are ordered through Bionexus.

VERY IMPORTANT– On your first time registration for an account with Bionexus, please contact, Monday through Friday, (Eastern time) and Liz will do this with you.  (We’re no longer having members do it on their own due to internal tech issues.)

**ALL account and shipping type questions go to, All health related questions go to Karen in the forum. Please do NOT contact Bionexus directly with ANY questions. They ask us very specifically for this. It allows us to continue accessing the herbals this way. Thank you!

This is ONLY available to active members of this program.

Herxing and Die Off Symptoms with Karen and Dr. Dashore

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