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TriEnza with DPP IV Activity by Houston Enzymes works to give your digestive system a boost. It may help break down food proteins‚ sugars‚ and fats‚ in addition to casein and gluten. It also provides certain essential enzymes.

Take just before meals (20 minutes before is better, if possible), and snacks too, for help with digestion. Dosage varies per need and size of meal. If it is a larger meal, then 2 capsules are suggested, a larger adult may need 3. For a smaller meal or a snack, then one may be enough. Enzymes are often needed ongoing to assist digestion.

Note: The only reason I say to give Trienza 20 minutes before food is for the capsule to have time to break down so the enzymes are released and ready to work when the food arrives in the stomach. If you’re opening up the capsule and mixing the Trienza in with food or beverage, then it can be taken with the food right away. The same goes for the chewable form of Trienza.

Trienza (capsules-can be opened up) Order from Brainchild Nutritionals (where we get our macro minerals and multivitamins), to save on shipping and receive our discount. Note: Brainchild only carries the capsule form of this product. [To receive your discount: after registering on their website, use code ‘naturallyrecoveringautism’ at checkout to receive 15% off all Brainchild products. For the coupon to work, a customer must register on their website before checkout. The registration can be found on the top right corner of the webpage.] 

Trienza (chewable)

A note from Dr. Devin Houston at Houston-Enzymes: “The FDA is now clamping down on “gluten-free” and other allergen claims for all supplements. Since there is no FDA-recognized assay method for determining the presence of gluten, FDA decided there is no way anyone can determine whether a supplement is gluten-free, so no company can make a “contains no gluten” statement on a label.
There is a transition period right now, but at some point FDA will mandate that we put a “may contain gluten and/or dairy” statement on all labels because enzymes are derived from fungal organisms grown on media that may have wheat or dairy. We know that any wheat or dairy protein is removed during enzyme purification, but we don’t have the assay to prove that it is free of very small amounts of gluten.
None of the enzymes are from animal sources.”

For further information on enzymes, please listen to my podcast interview with Dr. Houston here.

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