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Natural Allergy Elimination

Also see Kelli Russell’s video on the ‘Sensory and Stress Reduction’ page in Module 1. Kelli does Mindset Optimization, Emotional Clearing and Allergy Elimination.

At-Home Allergy Kits

Incorporate in anytime now as you move forward in the program to help reduce symptoms of picky eating, anxiety, anger, and much more! You do this at-home. No need for a practitioner! This is far more cost-efficient in the long run.

See pdf at bottom of this page for our Q&A from this interview with Ynge.

Order your at-home allergy kit at,


If you would like a practitioner to do this, or for emotion code work (see sensory and calming page in module 1 for more on emotion code work), then one I know is Cara Di Cicco-Sandre. Her contact is, Cara’s website is, Tell her I sent you. To learn more, see the second video on this page for my interview with Cara. Note that this is not as cost efficient as doing it with the at-home kit but I wanted to offer you the option.

See complete pdf download below.

Listen to my podcast interview with natural allergy elimination expert, Paula Vetter.

On a side note, Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine that can help with allergic responses.

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