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(Resources include additional shipping options to various countries.) 

A very important update for current and new members regarding registration for a Bionexus Store account.

If you have NOT registered yet for your exclusive Store Account with Bionexus please contact Liz in directly to request step-by-step to get you set up.

We’ve experienced internal tech issues in the past and want the experience to be seamless for you!

NOTE: I know there are a lot of new members, so don’t worry about registering right now if you’re not there yet. Reach out when you’re ready.

 If you have ALREADY registered, and still are unable to order, please email Liz so she can support you there as well.

Please be sure to reach out directly to Naturally Recovery Autism support for ANY questions regarding Bionexus (Not Bionexus).

This is ONLY available to active members of this program, to purchase the herbals. Once approved for an account by Bionexus you can login to (The  video in Module 1, “IntroHerbal Bonus” and the pdf on that page, will explain about purchasing and how to use the herbals when you are ready for them.)


UK and EU Shipping update from Bionexus:

  • International orders (outside of the US): Customs in the UK and EU have been cracking down since 2022, so here are a couple of international service options that have been used successfully. You join, they get a US locker address, and Bionexus ships to you at that address and the company handles all the remaining logistics.  I have no affiliation with these. I heard about them from Bionexus whose clients have used them., or

There will be a $10 handling fee added

Because Bionexus is a small apothecary and we take a couple of days to process the order and then it ships, we are unable to offer expedited shipping.

Please note if any herbals are out of stock, they are hand made so please be patient, know the tracking information will be automatically generated when it ships. We are unable to answer any inquiries about shipping although if there is any delay we will contact you.

**Bionexus is requesting our members who receive the exclusive Bionexus Store account as part of your Naturally Recovering Autism Membership to please remember to track your International shipping orders.


1. Keep track of your tracking # and movement of packages.

2. Once reaching your country, contact the local UPS office for any custom fees if any.

3. This is the members responsibility, there is a substantial fee from UPS if they are returned.


SPECIAL BONUS:The Parents Complete Guide to Environmental Toxins: Where the Most Common Ones Are Found and How You Can Protect Your Family from Them

Quick Reference/Food Related:

Additional shipping options if you need them:

For international shipping of these products (outside of the U.S.):, will ship Mindlinx, and the Metagenics Glutagenics from Forrest health to many places.

  • (shipping Mindlinx and more): offers international shipping to the following locations:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


  • Ion Gut Health International distributors: Just as a note, we are experiencing shipping delays to Australia and New Zealand due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited incoming flights to those countries. Delivery times to Canada have also been affected, but our delays there may not even be noticeable in most cases.
USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand:
All other countries:
  • availability may vary.
  • Amazon is also an option but we cannot guarantee quantity when purchasing from 3rd party reseller sites like Amazon.