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Topics: Prevention for current pregnancy and breastfeeding

Muscle test yourself to see if you have lyme. It can hide but if you’ve given birth or are breastfeeding it’s likely the immune reduction will bring it up to be detected in the reading.

I asked Dr. Dashore for her feedback and she replied:
If the mother has Lyme chances are very high she has passed it to her child and lyme bacteria have also been isolated form breastmilk. That’s usually a very tough subject to talk to others about.
Regarding treatment – there really are no short cuts. If she would like to begin Lyme herbs that’s ok with informed consent since she is breastfeeding. That will be her own decision to research and then treat herself.
I have only a couple breastfeeding mos who have willfully chosen to take herbs and continue nursing in the hope of passing on some herbs to their child but diluted in breast milk as such and treat any lyme the child may have acquired in Utero. Coinfections also have to be considered since nobody gets only lyme usually.
It is a bit of a difficult situation.

If you do move forward with the herbal, you’ll need to follow the tiers and look at the pdf document for herbal usage for children.