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Healthy chicken nuggets

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    Catherine Underwood

    Just wanted to share what I have been making for my son as he is a big chicken nugget fan so thought this might help others who’s child is the same. I’ve been making my own chicken nuggets with turkey mince. It’s been trial and error but my son has started to accept this change from the usual processed chicken nuggets/ turkey dinosaurs.

    I am no good with measurements but these are the ingredients I use. I use organic where possible

    For the coating:

    Almond flour
    Coconut flour
    Onion salt
    Garlic salt/ powder
    Mixed dried herbs
    Black pepper

    Other ingredients:
    Turkey mince
    Whisked eggs
    Coconut oil

    Mix all the coating ingredients together, heat up a baking tray and melt some coconut oil in it. Mash up the turkey mince, season of you want to. With your fingers make the turkey mince into nugget shaped patties (I have made the mistake of making them too big and a bit ‘meaty’for my son. Dip them in the egg and allow the egg to drip off. Then place in the coating and coat as well as you can, patting them if necessary place in the melted coconut oil in the baking tray and then turn over do both sides are covered in oil. Bake for approximately 10 minutes then turn over and bake for approximately another 10 minutes. Note when you first coat the nuggets in the flour mixture it doesn’t look like a lot but once they cook the coating looks thicker and is a nice beige/orange colour that our kids love to eat

    Hope this helps and hope Karen will approve of this recipe. I feel this is a massive step forward to getting my son eating healthier

    Karen Thomas

    Yes, this is great! Thank you for sharing it Catherine!:)

    Shamiso Ebosa

    Thank you so much for sharing Catherine. I will try this this week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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