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Naturally Keto-licious Cookies

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    Karen Thomas

    Naturally Keto-licious Cookies

    Have you been looking for a healthy treat to offer your child that also goes along with all of the necessary dietary guidelines for optimum results in autism recovery? Our kids shouldn’t feel left out, especially during the holidays. How about a healthy Keto cookie made with only natural ingredients, no gluten, dairy or sugar. Studies show keto diets to reduce seizures by 50% too.
    This Keto cookie is made with all of this in mind so nothing will feed the bad bacteria in the gut like candida, or create anymore inflammation, or negatively affect blood sugar. Plus, it’s actually healthy. Some of the flavors have over 5 grams of protein in them. There are over a dozen to choose from.

    Are you wondering how they’re sweetened in a healthy way? They’re made with monk fruit. Monk fruit and stevia are the only two natural sweeteners that don’t effect the blood sugar, or feed the bad bacteria like candida. To be clear, none of the artificial sweeteners are good either. The have neurotoxins that destroy brain cells. Never use them. Get your free guide to the top 7 foods to eliminate from the diet and learn why they should be eliminated too, so you’re not unknowingly giving your child anything harmful.

    Bonus Discount Code For You and Your Friends

    Naturally Recovering Autism is proud to be able to offer you a discount code to use on all of your future orders. Use code “NRA20” and you will receive a 20% off discount on these exceptionally delicious and healthy cookies. Yes, you can share this discount code with friends and family too! Everyone loves them anytime, and they’re great for the holidays! They make good gifts too. (Note, that due to their freshness they are only able to be delivered within the U.S.) Refrigerate upon receiving them. Purchase these cookies at,

    Natural Sweeteners that are acceptable

    Stevia and monk fruit are the only natural sweeteners that do not affect blood sugar or feed the candida. NEVER use artificial sweeteners. They are neurotoxic.

    Stevia options for sweetening and flavoring:
    Raspberry Stevia (liquid):
    Grape stevia (liquid):
    Sweetleaf liquid stevia drops-clear:

    Monk fruit is also ok to use as a sweetener: It’s 1:1 replacement for sugar in a recipe (ie one cup of sugar is equal to one cup of monk fruit)

    Organic monk fruit: powder/granules:
    Monk fruit liquid:


    Thank you for this link !

    Just wondering is it okay to have the grass fed butter if we are trying tone dairy free ?

    They look great !


    Are these okay to eat because I see they contain dairy ?

    Karen Thomas

    Hi Kim,
    I almost missed this question here in the recipes section of the forum.
    You can muscle test your child for grass fed butter and see if it is acceptable. Because it’s grass fed it shouldn’t have any glyphosate and butter does not have the sugar that milk does. Some kids are fine with butter and others not. The amount in the cookies is so small it is hopefully OK, but it is somewhat individualized.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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