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    Karen Thomas

    Pendulum and muscle testing are an art. They do take some time to learn and feel confident with. Keep practicing to become more comfortable. I have personally found that I cannot always get a clear reading on my son because we are so similar (I believe), but I can get clear readings on my daughter just about every time.

    I am adding this post that Robert answered to a member in an email about clearing before pendulum testing. It may seem a little different to read, but I think you will understand the concept and have better results from having read it, and applying the principals.

    From Robert Harrison to a member:

    Using a pendulum would be good to do. However, best to learn how to test more accurately. Here’s some suggestions I sent to someone else in Karen’s group today.


    Before you start testing, instruct the pendulum to clear you of dark energies or anything that can negatively influence the testing. The pendulum should move around in a circle while this is happening. When it stops on its own, you know the clearing has been completed. If I’m not using a pendulum, but am muscle testing, I’ll do the same thing, but do something physical like shaking my head or my hand, or allowing that to happen, and when it stops the clearing is done.

    To be more specific, next ask if you have any discarnants in your energy field that need to be cleared. These are souls who didn’t leave earth when they died, and they can attach to you and influence you with their energies. They aren’t trying to hurt, but they are attracted to people with the primary emotions they have, so if you have fear, for example, your fear could become worse because fearful discarnants have attached to you and you are feeling their fear too.

    (As a side note, discarnants get into an energy field when anger blows holes in the aura, and they tend to make “behaviors” worse. So clearing them from your child could make a real difference.) To do so….

    Ask with your pendulum if you are communicating with your High Self. If you get a no, ask if you are communicating with one of your guides. If you get a yes, ask if it would be better to communicate with High Self. If you get a yes, then ask to communicate with High Self, and to give you a yes when you are. (If you get a no again, ask to communicate with High Self.) Then ask again if you are communicating with High Self.

    Next ask the Guide or High Self if you (or your kids or husband or whoever has been yelling at you) have discarnants. If you get a yes, ask them to remove the discarnants, send them to the light, and repair the aura. The pendulum should spin in a circle briefly while this is being done. For your testing, you are just working on yourself.

    By now you are more clear, and likely to test more accurately.  To check if you are, ask: “Am I ready to communicate accurately and test correctly?   If you get a no, ask to be cleared again.  If yes, check further by asking, “Am I free of deception, desire and fear?”  Another yes and you are ready to test.

    When you test, first ask High Self or the Guide to research whatever you are testing. Such as, “Research which of these supplements or elixirs can be taken and in what doses?”  The pendulum will go around in a circle until the research is done. Then you can start asking questions and getting more accurate answers.

    You can ask all kinds of things with this.  At the end ask if your testing was accurate. Just to check again.

    This doesn’t guarantee that your testing will be spot on, you can rush through this and not get it right, but it makes it a lot more likely to be accurate.


    Note that there are practitioners, (such as chiropractors and natural allergy elimination specialists), who are well versed in muscle testing who may be willing to help you learn also.

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