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Help for Sleep and Anxiousness

If changes in sleep occur suddenly then be sure to look at any new changes in their life including diet or new therapies, etc. Be sure you are not giving any stimulating or energizing supplements late in the day or in the evening such as omega 3, vitamins, multi minerals, The One, and L-tyrosine. Also remove electronics an hour before bed for optimum results with sleep. The screens stimulate.
Mold issues, parasites (especially during a full moon), and strep can definitely effect sleep. As you work with the herbals to balance these issues the following can be helpful, and remember that your child’s body is processing and detoxifying constantly.

Some good solutions to help sleep and anxiousness are:

-Emotion code work (see module 1 video and links)

-Melatonin (see supplement pdf in module 1 for a link)

-Cannabis (can be excellent) You can learn more and find good resources at,

-Robert’s elixirs “Restful sleep” and “Vagus Nerve signaling” are both very good for calming and sleep,

-Hemp oil and magnesium are also helpful and are linked to on the supplement pdf in module 1.

-5HTP (see module 5): muscle test for acceptance and dosage and take away from food if possible.

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