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Topics: Regression, Sudden Anxiety, OCD-PANS Flare-Up

Troubleshooting new issues:
Think back over the last few days before the new behavior began. He must have had exposure to something toxic, possibly mold, or had a new supplement or new food that triggered it. See the anti histamine diet to see if any of those were eaten recently or anything new he hasn’t had before or in a while. Also any increase in dosages of anything can do it too. Troubleshoot all of them. When it’s toxic exposure it can be harder to determine but one of these things has to have happened since the behavior is new. Emotional issues can also contribute, so any new stressors should be observed.

For further guidance on solutions please see the pdf guide at the bottom of the “Supplements” page titled “Help with Calming, OCD, Picky Eating, and Seizures”.